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Chicago Bike Blog is an online journal extends the reach of Cosmic Bikes, a brick and mortar bicycle store located in Chicago’s Jefferson Park neighborhood. The blog is currently divided into two general sections, each housing a different collection of topics:

Bike Basics features regularly updated resources for those who are new to cycling in Chicago, or riders seeking solid, practical information, such as advice on buying a bike, bike maintenance, safe riding and essential gear.

The Microescape is where I stray a bit off the beaten path, and advance the idea that breathtaking experiences exist all around us, and adventures can and should become a part of everyone’s daily life. Here’s where I try out, and tell you about the most compact and useful outdoor equipment, and great local and regional outdoor destinations.

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Pardon the dust, we’re moving!

Chicago Bike Blog, the online journal of Cosmic Bikes, has been a resource for biking in and around the Windy City since 2007. Please bear with us as we make a big move to a new platform, and take this opportunity to update our treasure trove of posts. All new articles will be published on this site.
Until the site is fully updated, you can find the complete archives here and here.

“If you are losing your leisure, look out! —
It may be you are losing your soul.”

–Logan Pearsall Smith