Biking Goals

Biking Goals For Commuting Success

Getting started with bike commuting is no different than making any other life change such as diet, exercise, or New Year resolution: we start with a lot of enthusiasm, only to find that it can be very hard to muster day after day as we yearn to settle back into comfortable habits. The secret is … Read more


Use Your Bike More: 50 Ways To Leave Your Car

This season —more than ever, given road construction and gas prices!— it makes sense to use your bike as part of your personal transportation plan. As many of us are looking for ways to fit more exercise into our busy lives, biking is a super convenient way get moving, get rid of stress, get from … Read more

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What is Bike Commuting

This is the first installment in our new series “31 Days to Becoming a Bike Commuter”. Each day we’ll share a post that addresses some some key aspect of bike commuting, so that by the end of the month we will have tackled most of the questions you might have as someone considering giving utilitarian … Read more