Chicago Summer Adventure Guide

by Justyna Frank

We created this Chicago Summer Adventure Guide in order to dispel the notion that worthwhile life experiences must involve international travel, significant investment and considerable allotment of time. Summers often seem short, and sometimes wishing for conditions to fall into perfect alignment so that we feel we can get away from it all keeps many of us from embracing adventure right now. All you need is a pair of hiking shoes or a bicycle, a handful of well-designed, compact accessories, and your own power, to leave routine behind and enjoy exhilaration, freedom and nature within literally minutes. Every week! We hope this guide will serve as your springboard.


  • Adventure Planning 101
  • Preliminary route planning and research:
    • TraiLink by Rails To Trails Conservancy lets you search bike trails by location, length, and other criteria. For a small annual subscription fee you gain access to offline trail maps which you can download before you embark on your next journey.
    • Alltrails is another good app for doing preliminary trails research and download maps for offline use.
    • Real Maps! For imagining adventures, and getting the bird’s eye view of your planned destination, there’s no substitute for topographic maps. While they may be too bulky to carry along on a hike or bike ride, they are invaluable in the planning stages of the trip.

Sample Local Destinations


Here are some ideas for tiny outings when you only have a few hours:



Packing Lists

Featuring our favorite outdoor gear for adventures of any size.

Food & Recipes

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