what is a microescape

What is a Microescape

The pressures of our daily lives can make us feel we don’t have a moment to ourselves, let alone time for vacation. I’ve discovered that sometimes the best vacation is a microescape: a quick plunge into the great outdoors, which requires little preparation, or — better yet — is completely spontaneous. Such small adventures —lasting … Read more

bicycle safety check

Bicycle Safety Check

Even if you are not terribly mechanically inclined, you can perform a basic bicycle safety check to identify any potential mechanical or safety issues. Here is a simple, step-by-step safety inspection procedure to help you assess the condition of your bike, and spot any problems before they can cause real harm. How to do a … Read more

bike repairs schedule

Essential Schedule of Bike Repairs for Urban Riders

You probably already know that if you wait until something is grinding, creaking, or coming loose, it’s time to head to the shop for some bike repairs. However, by being proactive with regular maintenance, you can forestall unexpected emergencies and potentially pricey component replacements. This post will help you determine the timeframe for different types … Read more

professional bike assembly

Bike Assembly: More than the Sum of the Parts

Bicycle assembly is a time-consuming and skill-intensive activity. Many bike manufacturers, especially those who sell their bikes directly to consumers via the Internet, maintain that their bicycles come pre-assembled, and that bike assembly is a simple as a few turns of a metric allen wrench. Unfortunately, in most cases these bikes come from an assembly … Read more


How To Fill Up Bike Tires

We spend an inordinate amount of time talking about putting air in bike tires. Why, how much, how often, and how to. We do this because, just when we think we have comprehensively covered this topic, we see people riding around on tires as soft as a stomach-sleeper’s pillow. Putting air in your bicycle tires … Read more

what to ask before getting a bike tune up

5 Essential Questions To Ask Before Getting a Bicycle Tune-Up

Most conversations about bicycle tune-up start with: “How much does it cost”? While this seems like a valid question, it’s actually completely meaningless until you’ve established what is included in the cost. And that’s difficult to do, because there’s no standardization whatsoever in bicycle tune-up offerings among different repair shops. This may be a good … Read more