outdoor gear essentials

4 Outdoor Gear Essentials for Microescapes

This post contains links to purchase products from our store, or our affiliate partners. Please see our full commercial disclosure. A day trip is as simple as adventure gets. With nothing more than a a few outdoor gear essentials, you can get lost in the great wilderness that lurks just outside, wherever you happen to … Read more

camping with folding bike

Folding Bike: Your Instant Getaway Tool

A folding bike is my hands down favorite microscope tool. It is the perfect vehicle for quick and sneaky getaways. In fact, a particular folding bike was what inspired my Live Large Pack Small philosophy, and eventually led to the creation of this website. So, without further ado, here’s the scoop: What is a folding … Read more

microescape artists

10 Adventure Rules For MicroEscape Artists

Rather than waiting until your decks clear for a once-in-a-lifetime epic journey, find ways to fit adventure into your life NOW. What IS adventure, really? Think about it. When the topic of adventure comes up, we usually picture rugged terrain, rushing rivers, endless dusty roads, and other forbidding landscapes. A nomad who has found the … Read more

what is a microescape

What is a Microescape

The pressures of our daily lives can make us feel we don’t have a moment to ourselves, let alone time for vacation. I’ve discovered that sometimes the best vacation is a microescape: a quick plunge into the great outdoors, which requires little preparation, or — better yet — is completely spontaneous. Such small adventures —lasting … Read more