Microescape Gear Resources

by Justyna Frank
Resources for outdoor micro adventures

At Cosmic Bikes, we’re happy to help you set up your bike and help outfit it with any bike-specific gear you might need.

For more general outdoor and adventure gear, as well as high-performance outdoor garments, we’ve partnered with a network of manufacturers and suppliers of products we love and use, in order to be able to refer those products through our website.

This Outdoor Gear Guide contains affiliate links for products we’ve used and companies recommend based on personal experience with their offerings. Please read our Affiliate Statement for more information. If you make a purchase via one of our links, we’ll earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. This program helps support our local business, and allows us to recommend a more complete range of options than we can physically stock. Thanks for your support!

Burley: a wide range of bicycle trailers

Burley has been a household name in bicycle child carriers for decades. However they also make a complete range of bicycle trailers for urban use, touring and adventure, and even carrying your dog. Burley makes super-dependable, high-quality, durable and serviceable products that easily turn almost any bike into a cargo hauling machine for a fraction of what a dedicated cargo bike might cost. The trailers can be shared between household members, so any bike you happen to ride can become your cargo hauler on the spur of the moment.


Woom: unmatched quality children’s bicycles

Woom is more than kids’ bikes. It is a holistic philosophy of supporting your child from their very first balancing attempts, to becoming a full-fledged cyclist. The company really understands the idea that a bike, even the tiniest one, is a transportation device, and needs to be respected as one.

If biking is a big part of your life, you probably want your child to grow up loving it, and develop good skills from the get-go. For you, there may not be a better bike out there than a Woom. Each Woom bike is designed so it can be used as a balance bike, regardless of the age of your child. And best of all, each Woom bike is carefully scaled to a child’s proportions, allowing them to learn to bike in a position that’s comfortable, doesn’t strain their body, and allows them to focus solely on the act of riding.

Regrettably, Woom does not currently have a US dealer network. For bikes purchased through this link, we offer complete assembly at 50% off our regular assembly rates, and free delivery throughout Chicagoland.

Oru Kayaks: most portable, lightweight folding kayaks

One of the most ingenious innovations of the modern age, this kayak is too good to be true. It goes from box to water in minutes, and it’s a breeze to launch. You can literally take it with you everywhere, and explore waterways near your home, or wherever you travel.

It’s lightweight to carry along and easy-to-assemble for anyone, but don’t let that fool you. Models range from casual to full-on seagoing kayaks. Our favorite for versatility is the Bay ST, but the Beach LT is a close second for a casual user, and is much easier to get in and out of. Honestly— you can’t go wrong with any of them, and you will not believe that paddling options one of these boats will open up to you!

Helinox: ultra-portable, ultra comfortable camp furniture

When car camping, you can pack your van to the hilt and enjoy the comforts of home at your campsite. But if you’d rather save some space in the car, or perhaps you’re traveling on foot, by bike or kayak? Helinox ensures that you don’t have to sacrifice comfortable seating or sleeping while exploring the backcountry.

Their insanely lightweight and packable chairs, cots and other creature comforts travel with you almost anywhere. We’re not talking three-legged stools here. In one tiny package, Helinox Chair Zero delivers delivers true lounging comfort, which you will surely appreciate after a day of hoofing, pedaling (and even just hanging out on your porch after a day’s work). And if you’ve never been able to get a good night’s sleep on a camping mat, Helinox cots, which gently suspend you just above the ground, will be a game-changing upgrade.

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