what to ask before getting a bike tune up

5 Essential Questions To Ask Before Getting a Bicycle Tune-Up

Most conversations about bicycle tune-up start with: “How much does it cost”? While this seems like a valid question, it’s actually completely meaningless until you’ve established what is included in the cost. And that’s difficult to do, because there’s no standardization whatsoever in bicycle tune-up offerings among different repair shops. This may be a good … Read more

Bike Tune-Up Chicago

What exactly is a bike tune-up?

Tuning a bicycle is less like fixing a household appliance, and more like tuning a musical instrument. It requires the mechanic to have certain concrete technical skills, but also a good ear, a judicious touch and not a small amount of finesse. Although the term “bike tune-up” is ubiquitously used in bicycle shops across the … Read more